Google News – June 2016

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Google plans to launch its own phone

Google wants to make a new phone from scratch, and it’s not a Nexus! The search engine giant wants to become the main competitor of Apple’s iPhone. Some sources set the end of 2016 as the approximate date for the release of the new device.


Right now, Google is looking for a solution to produce its own chips, because that would significantly simplify the phone making process. To accelerate the process, Google has recently started to hire professionals for its new hardware division.


EU to complain against Google AdWords

Europe’s antitrust authority is planning to launch the third set of complaints against Google AdWords. Several companies have submitted evidence to the antitrust investigation, and they have been already asked to remove any confidential information from their documents. If Google is found guilty, it may be asked to pay a fine which may be as big as 10% of the worldwide revenue. Last year, the figure was close to 8 billion dollars. Google AdWords is the biggest revenue source for its company.


New technology limits injuries in car-pedestrian accidents

Google has recently invented a system that will help save more lives. The invention includes an adhesive layer, which is covered with a membrane that makes the colliding objects or people adhere to the vehicle.

In other words, when a car hits a pedestrian, the person gets stuck to the front of the car, instead of being thrown in the air. This way, the damage will be limited to the one caused by impact; people will no longer fall off the vehicle, and will no longer be run over by it.

Jaguar and Volvo have already invented systems that try to protect the pedestrians after the initial collision. Nevertheless, these systems are expensive, so the price of the cars would grow quite a bit. Google’s invention can be used on any car model, provided that the adhesive coated hood layer is refreshed a few times per year.


Live broadcasting using YouTube

YouTube will launch this new service for all its users. People will be able to broadcast live using their smartphones.  The new feature will be incorporated into Google’s YouTube Android and Apple apps.


With this addition, YouTube will become a real competitor to Facebook Live and Twitter Periscope. Since YouTube is one of the most visited websites in the entire world, Google hopes that by making this move, it will attract even more people.


Google creates new tools for teachers

Google plans to expand its presence in schools, and its specialists have recently created new tools to help teachers and kids worldwide. Quizzes is a set of features in Google Forms, which is similar to Google Cast for Education, an app that proved to be effective as a classroom projector.

The tools have been developed in close partnership with teachers and professors, and will be free.


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